On the Main Stage – Kites in Flight


The Midtown Scholar is proud to host local singer-songwriters, classical musicians, and small orchestral performances in a uniquely literary acoustic venue. We are always interested in hearing from new musicians and performers. Please visit www.MidtownScholar.com and click on “Book an Event” for more information about playing at the Scholar!

Kites in Flight – Fri. 3/20, 7:30p

Kites in Flight“Kites in Flight” is the name of the musical project of Keenan Tyreek. Based in Williamsport Pennsylvania, Keenan grew up playing in band at his school. He quickly went from playing Baritone for his elementary and middle school, to playing drums for hours in his room with his Ipod. around the Age of 16 he started to learn piano, which then led to him playing Ukulele, and then guitar. His senior year of high school he started a band with some friends where he then took on the role of lead vocalist. A few years later he started a solo project called “Kites in flight” which has led you to the sound we present to you on our stage.

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