On the Main Stage – Randy Niles


RandyNilesPromoRandy Niles – Fri. 4/17, 7:30p

Randy Niles is a regional touring, NYC based, one-man Indie/Soul band that blends rock, pop, and folk into seamless, radio-ready compositions from the ground up. Creating the backdrop to his musical landscape effortlessly through the use of colorful effects and loop stations, Randy evokes sounds and colors which, when executed, resemble that of a four or five member group rather than a solo band. His ability to produce well thought out song structures with equally cohesive songwriting, makes him a truly dynamic and stunning solo performer. He has been relentlessly touring the East Coast with a few West Coast appearances, and has opened for notable acts such as Ry Cuming /RY X (Jive/Sony, Dumont Dumont, Infectious Music UK), Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root (Mercury/Island/Touchy Pegg) and Billboard charted country Singer/Songwriter Craig Bickhardt. With two new EP’s scheduled for release in the spring, and a new full-length album slated for production in the latter half of this year, Randy is well on his way to expanding his already blossoming music career.

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