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Seasonal Coffee Spotlight: Finca el Puente


coffee pickingIn March of this year, Famous Reading Cafe manager Chris Scott had the opportunity to travel with a team from Counter Culture Coffee to Honduras in order to learn more about the coffee he serves here at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. While there, Chris experienced firsthand each step of a coffee bean’s journey from the farm to the roaster and finally to the shipyard that delivers Honduras’ finest coffees to the world. To fully appreciate and understand the process of coffee harvesting, Chris strapped on his bright yellow coffee bag and spent a day in the fields, picking beans that would eventually be served right here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This coffee, named “Finca el Puente,” will be served at the Famous Reading Cafe from 8 am until noon throughout the summer season as a celebration both of seasonal coffee, and of Chris, our adventurous leader. We will also have packages of Finca el Puente available for purchase that you can brew at home!

Once brewed, Finca el Puente has a wonderful series of tasting notes, beginning with hints of sweet plum, and finishing with a distinct aftertaste of toasted nuts. We hope that you will be able to stop in a morning or two this summer to sample this excellent, single-origin roast!